Logo & Identity Design
April 26, 2019

Alberta Native Bee Council

The Alberta Native Bee Council (ANBC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the conservation of native pollinator communities through research and monitoring, advocacy, education, and collaboration with others. The ANBC was in need of a brand identity that would help the organization gain more attention and recognition. Their website did not match today's standard and they wanted help with redesigning their logo and brand identity.



The goal of this project was to help give ANBC it's own unique identity and a logo that would best represent them. This new logo and brand identity will be a fresh update to what they have currently while still keeping the core foundation.



The logo went through many iterations as I wanted to somehow incorporate the province of Alberta into the logo itself. Upon further investigation I found that using the logo as a crest mark would best suit this organization.



The completed logo is a minimalist stroke style crest mark. It incorporates the bee as the main focal point and it was filled with supporting elements. These supporting elements each represented a part of what Alberta is known for, which is the rolling hills, wheat fields and the mountainous range. The logo was kept as one colour so that it retains its simplicity and flexiblity.



CMYK: 98, 93, 6, 0
RGB: 46, 60, 144
HEX: #2F3A90
CMYK: 76, 67, 0, 0
RGB: 84, 98, 173
HEX: #5462AD
CMYK: 60, 47, 11, 0
RGB: 115, 130, 176
HEX: #7382B0
CMYK: 99, 93, 42, 50
RGB: 19, 25, 63
HEX: #13193F
The colours I decided to go with were more towards the blue side. I decided to go with the colour blue because it represents the sky and stability. I wanted to stray away from using the colours yellow and black which is associated with the bee. I also decided not to use the colours that are on the Alberta emblem in order to keep the brand colours simple and calm. The primary colour is a navy blue which is then complemented with other shades of the navy blue.



For the main typography I wanted to have a type face that would have nature feel to it. So I opted to use the typeface THEWELLS as the main font for headers. This typeface fits right into the design style of the logo. The secondary font NUNITO was used for any body text which would help complement THEWELLS typeface.



To help visualize ANBC's brand identity a series of mockups were created. The letterheads, business cards and coffee mug all carry the same design language of simplicity and minimalist as the logo. The colours used were also the same as the ones used throughout this project



I then complied all of their brand identity into a style guide. This style guide contained logo uses, colour palette, typography and mockups. This guide was to help ensure consistency when they implement their brand into various scenarios.